Stories by Victoria

Short Fiction

2022 The Satisfaction of Longing
Wordrunner eChapbooks Fiction Issue, Summer 2022.
2021 “Leftovers”
in FEED Issue 2.8.
2021 “Pushing”
in FEED Issue 2.8.
2019 “Something to Salvage”
WOW! Women on Writing, Summer 2019 Flash Fiction.
2018 “A Slow Boat to Finland”
in In the Debris Field: Three Novellas in Flash, ed. Bath Flash Fiction Award, 57–97. United Kingdom: Ad Hoc Fiction, 2018. (Available from Bath Flash Fiction .) Reviewed in SmokeLong Quarterly,
2018 "Hollow"
in Ink In Thirds Magazine, Jan/Feb 2018, Volume 2, issue 1, 2.
2017 "Help"
in Fixional, June 2017.
2017 "Survey of Widows"
in Monkeybicycle, May 5, 2017.
Nominated for a 2018 Pushcart Prize
2017 "At Risk"
in Literary Orphans, Issue 28: Tesla, edited by Scott Waldyn,
2016 "Looking for Stars"
in The Literary Vine Review, Volume 1, edited by Carlos de los Rios and Marni Freedman (Alpine, CA: Wolfheart Press), 181-194.
2013 "Dandelion Wish"
in Valparaiso Fiction Review.
2009 "Fallen Oranges"
in Word Riot July 2009.
2008 "How to Spell Egypt"
in A Year in Ink: Volume 1, edited by Thomas Larson (San Diego: Ink Spot Press), 39-46.
republished in The Satisfaction of Longing,
Nominated for a 2023 Pushcart Prize

Narrative Nonfiction

2010 "One Week Later"
in Survivor's Review XI,