Stories by Victoria

Short Fiction

2019 “Something to Salvage”
WOW! Women on Writing, Summer 2019 Flash Fiction.
2018 “A Slow Boat to Finland”
in In the Debris Field: Three Novellas in Flash, ed. Bath Flash Fiction Award, 57–97. United Kingdom: Ad Hoc Fiction, 2018. (Available from Bath Flash Fiction .) Reviewed in SmokeLong Quarterly,
2018 "Hollow"
in Ink In Thirds Magazine, Jan/Feb 2018, Volume 2, issue 1, 2.
2017 "Help"
in Fixional, June 2017.
2017 "Survey of Widows"
in Monkeybicycle, May 5, 2017.
Nominated for a Pushcart Prize
2017 "At Risk"
in Literary Orphans, Issue 28: Tesla, edited by Scott Waldyn,
2016 "Looking for Stars"
in The Literary Vine Review, Volume 1, edited by Carlos de los Rios and Marni Freedman (Alpine, CA: Wolfheart Press), 181-194.
2013 "Dandelion Wish"
in Valparaiso Fiction Review.
2009 "Fallen Oranges"
in Word Riot July 2009.
2008 "How to Spell Egypt"
in A Year in Ink: Volume 1, edited by Thomas Larson (San Diego: Ink Spot Press), 39-46.

Narrative Nonfiction

2010 "One Week Later"
in Survivor's Review XI,